Get an accurate and up-to-date understanding of mobile coverage connection to better inform planning through visual mapping of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Accelerating localised mobile coverage and digital connectivity through:
data-driven spectrum insights
Streetwave is accelerating the roll-out of 5G, broadband and mobile wireless networks through monitoring and analysing the current spectrum coverage landscape, and overlaying it on a GIS.
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What is Streetwave?
Welcome to Streetwave. We are creating an independent spectrum map across the UK to continuously monitor and check the use of radio waves and microwaves. This includes creating voice and data mobile network coverage maps to assess an accurate view of the 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G speed and coverage landscape.

There is a constant improvement in speeds and reception of digital communication networks, along with advancing software technology and devices. This has meant that the demands for suitable radio and microwave spectrum by various stakeholders continue to exponentially increase.

Streetwave collects spectrum readings and overlays reception levels on a Geographic Information System (GIS). This gives the location and time-stamped intelligence that allows you to identify how you (or other organisations) are using licensed bands.

At Streetwave, we use mobile coverage data to work collaboratively with councils and network communications operators to solve network rollout issues for next-generation consumer applications. Streetwave empowers any council or local authority to overlay their assets on our enhanced GIS, providing mobile network operators easy to negotiate and suitable locations to deploy and improve cell sites. This allows the operators to fill any eligible holes they find in the coverage, benefiting council buildings, education providers, business and constituents simultaneously. A simple CSV file containing council assets is all that’s needed, it’s installed into the system and spectrum strength and availability is explained.

Streetwave empowers you to:
  • Visualise provider coverage landscape for collected frequencies – including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G settings.
  • Discover connected areas of strong internet & phone signal and search areas of no signal to connect them.
  • Identify and receive feedback about holes in the Emergency Services Network.
  • Increase your coverage checker by offering assets/locations to plan radio station placements in ‘notspots’.
  • Examine frequencies and spectrum bands of interest to you through customisable coverage monitoring.
  • Prioritise coverage areas for improvement in relation to other factors such as population density within a town.
  • Monitor and display the Electromagnetic radiation levels running in your city or area.
Streetwave has the ability to:
  • Streetwave uses an online website application to visualise and update its collected information in an easy to understand format.
  • The web app will provide you with the tools necessary to really examine and report on the coverage landscape.
  • Overlay your own detail & datasets and visualise them alongside our coverage data.
  • Streetwave’s built-in analytics methods highlight additional insights in the coverage data.
  • Generate reports based on real data to give you a breakdown of the coverage landscape relative to all contributing and impacted factors.

Register Your Interest

We’re looking for councils to join us and accelerate the rollout of next-generation digital communication networks such as 5G.


Working in collaboration with us, we will map the spectrum coverage of your constituency, examining the mobile network bands and any frequency bands of your choice.

Register your interest in Streetwave, we’ll organise a call and see how we can work together to accelerate and deliver digital connectivity improvements through data-driven insights and smart predictions.

What is Spectrum Mapping
With the introduction of 5G and digital applications, growing data usage is a challenge in the efficiency of spectrum allocations. By using Streetwave spectrum mapping tools, local authorities, telecoms operators and government bodies can take practical actions to anticipate and resolve hotspot issues.
Spectrum is a finite resource and needs to be monitored and used efficiently. Streetwave can identify not only coverage concerns, but overlay this information with population density, topography and council infrastructure data. This helps to identify which areas can most easily see coverage improvements with a high local impact.
How Local Authorities Can Improve 5G Coverage

Wireless communications systems such as 4G and 5G use radio frequencies within the electromagnetic spectrum to transfer data wirelessly. Councils can partner with Streetwave to effectively ‘map’ the use of mobile coverage within their boundary. This information identifies new areas that require additional coverage and agreements can be made with operators for new masts and cellular towers.

Within more rural areas councils can work alongside landowners, if needed, to grant wayleave agreements for new 5G macrocells. These are the large masts that we’re used to seeing with tall white base stations attached to them. 5G macrocells look similar and will work alongside existing 4G and 3G cells. Large Macrocells can cover a larger area, enabling coverage for miles and are used by all UK carriers such as Vodafone, O2, EE and Three.

A newer component in 5G networks is the Small Cell which will be an instrumental device in delivering data within city and town environments. These much smaller cells have a shorter frequency range to under 1000 metres, using a different part of the spectrum that enables mobile coverage with extremely low latency for specific circumstances. Locations of these 5G cells will be of particular importance on government and authority-owned buildings as urban environments will require 5-10 times the amount of small cells to the larger macrocells. For instance, London alone will need approximately 500,000 microcells alone.

By working closely with Streetwave, we can ensure elected authorities have all of the information to deliver the appropriate infrastructure to their users.

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