Visualise and Understand Mobile Coverage

Analyse the performance of mobile networks through Streetwave’s data insights and coverage maps

Complete Geographic Coverage

Streetwave’s mapping offers network intelligence at every address, ensuring coverage is understood in rural and urban areas.

Regular Intelligence Updates

New data is collected every week, ensuring insights remain accurate, up-to-date and actionable.
Streetwave Spectrum Mapping

What is Streetwave?

We create mobile network performance maps across the UK to continuously monitor and check the quality of the nation's 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Streetwave provides coverage, speed and signal quality insights for all major operators including EE, Three, Vodafone and O2.


Our spectrum mapping collects and visualises data readings along all addresses within a partner councils’ area weekly.


Signal Coverage
Download Speeds
Upload Speeds
Other metrics available upon request
Streetwave Spectrum Reception


Identify holes in the Emergency Services Network and telecare networks

Boost Residential Connectivity

Judge if households are better off switching to mobile broadband for remote learning/ working

Enhance Mobile Coverage

Speed up infrastructure deployments to connect digitally deprived residents

Drive Innovation

Enable new private & public sector innovation that raises your council's profile

Grow Revenue

Attract new digitally dependent businesses & employees to your council

Improve Social Care Efficiency

Keep social care workers connected when out in the field

Empowering Councils with Digital Intelligence

At Streetwave, we provide councils with mobile coverage data to help deliver a wide range of benefits.


Streetwave maps mobile coverage to enable better connectivity and planning decisions

Coverage Analytics

Understand the performance of mobile networks in your council

Mobile Network Comparisons

Contrast operator’s networks to see which has the best connectivity in your area

Network Developments

Identify improvements and deteriorations in various mobile networks over time

Data Overlays

Visualise your own datasets alongside local mobile coverage data

How Does Streetwave Mobile Network Insights Work?

Streetwave collects spectrum readings and overlays this intelligence on either your own or our geographic information system (GIS). You can then use Streetwave to discover coverage insights in whatever manners best for you:
Streetwave 5g coverage spectrum mapping

Step one

Select the area, operator and network type that you want to receive mobile network performance insights on.

step two

Choose the metric you want to judge the network’s performance with. Users can check download, upload, latency and signal coverage metrics.

step three

Using Streetwave's GIS
Streetwave will then visualise the network’s coverage in a simple and quick to understand format. We ensure our users are not tortured with rocket science!
Using Your Own GIS
Streetwave’s API will enable you to upload and visualise mobile network data on your own GIS, with implementation support from us.

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We're actively working with councils to create the world's most accurate, geographically comprehensive and up-to-date spectrum maps and insights

Working in collaboration with us, we will map the spectrum coverage of your constituency, examining the mobile network bands in an easy-to-understand manner.

Register your interest in Streetwave, we’ll organise a call and see how we can work together to accelerate and deliver digital connectivity improvements for your residents through data-driven insights.

Streetwave Spectrum Mobile Coverage

Visualise and Understand Mobile Coverage

Analyse the performance of mobile networks through Streetwave’s data insights and coverage maps