Streetwave's Carbon Reduction Commitment Plan

Table of Contents 

  1. Commitment to sustaining Net Zero  
  2. Current Emissions Footprint 
  3. Current Carbon Reduction Projects 
  4. Carbon Reduction of Service Delivery 
  5. Emission Reductions Target 
  6. Future Carbon Reduction Projects  


Commitment to Sustaining Net Zero 

Streetwave is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions. This document contains information around Streetwave’s current carbon footprint. It also reveals the strategy that Streetwave has adopted during 2022 and will continue to use in the future to reduce carbon emissions. 


Current Emissions Footprint 

As a newly founded start-up, Streetwave does not have a full year in which to act as a baseline to reference future emission reductions against. Subsequently, estimated carbon emissions for the year 2022 have been calculated. These CO2 emission levels have been based upon the known CO2 generating activities that the business currently participates in.  

These 2022 activities have been classed into the 3 ‘Scopes’ as required for categorising emissions when performing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reporting.  


Scope 1 - Direct emissions from owned or controlled sources: 

  • N/A 

Scope 2 - Indirect emissions from the generation of purchased electricity & heating: 

  • Electricity Usage – 334kg CO2 

Scope 3 - Indirect emissions as a result of the company’s value chain: 

  • Employee Commuting – 5,737kg CO2 
  • Business Travel – 395kg CO2 


Estimated 2022 Emissions for Streetwave – 6,466kg CO2 


Current Carbon Reduction Projects  

Streetwave has already implemented several strategies to drive down CO2 emissions. These changes will drastically cause a reduction in CO2 emissions over the future course of the business. These already implemented actions include: 

Work at Home Implementation 

Streetwave recognises that employees don’t need to commute into the office every day. We permit employees to work from home 3 days a week. Over the course of 2022, we forecast that this will save 8,606kg of CO2 emissions. 

Encouraging Car Sharing/ Public Transport Use 

Streetwave’s employees are actively encouraged to commute into work via public transport and car sharing. This encouragement has worked, with 50% of company employees now arriving to work via these transport methods. This will prevent Streetwave’s employees emitting 1,784kg of CO2 emissions over the course of 2022.  

Using Recycled Electrical Goods 

Streetwave sources the hardware components it uses to measure mobile networks exclusively from vendors selling recycled models. Procuring a recycled model saves 16kg in CO2 emissions. We expect to save over 384kg CO2 emissions by sourcing hardware components in this manner in 2022 alone.  

Improving Office Insulation 

Streetwave is replacing the window seals in our Newport HQ to improve our office’s energy rating and reduce heat loss.  

Projected 2022 Emission Savings for Streetwave – 10,774kg CO2 


Carbon Reduction of Service Delivery  

Streetwave also delivers significant carbon reduction efficiencies for our customers. This is done via attaching our mobile network measuring hardware onto 3rd party operated vehicles.  

Given these vehicles are already travelling around to their destinations that they serve for unrelated purposes, no additional carbon footprint is added.  

To gather the same amount of coverage data that Streetwave delivers to its customers, a traditional drive testing vehicle would need to travel 120,000 miles per year.  

Removing this process saves each council over 33,000 kgs in CO2 emissions per year.  

Yearly Forecasted Data Collection Emission Reductions Per Customer – 33,459kgs CO2 


Emission Reductions Target 

To continue our progress in carbon reduction, we have adopted the following targets to reduce our CO2 output from our different sources. These can be seen over two different time periods. 

By 2025: 

Scope 1 - 0kg CO2 

Scope 2 - 0kg CO2 

Scope 3 – 3,300kg CO2 

By 2030: 

Scope 1 - 0kg CO2 

Scope 2 - 0kg CO2 

Scope 3 – 2,150kg CO2 


Future Carbon Reduction Projects 

Moving forward past 2022, Streetwave aims to continue to take more action aimed at improving the business’ environmental sustainability to achieve the above objectives. These strategies include: 

  1. Moving office to a location more accessible for walking, cycling & public transport. 
  1. Creating economic incentives for employees to walk, cycle, car share or take public transport (both on their commute and for business travel). 
  1. Installing solar panels on Streetwave owned premises. 


Declaration & Sign Off 

This Carbon Reduction Commitment Plan has been reviewed and signed off by senior management. 

 Signed on behalf of Streetwave Ltd: 

George Gibson  

George Gibson Signature





Operations Director  

Date: 11/02/2022 

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