Meet the Team

The Executive Team are backed by international investors, Welsh government and global partners.
Angus Hay - Streetwave Operations Director

Angus Hay

Managing Director
After obtaining a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree from the University of Otago in New Zealand, Angus has worked for large enterprise, SMEs and start-ups, with the most recent of which being an aquaculture start-up in Scotland. As managing director, Angus thrives on building relationships with new people and delivering outstanding new solutions to customer problems.

Outside of work, Angus enjoys fishing and exploring the Hebrides in Scotland.
Nick Broom - Streetwave Technical Director

Nick Broom

Technical Director
Following on from studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol, Nick has developed his technical expertise in creating, managing and deploying effective and reliable web applications. As the technical director, Nick is highly proficient in utilising the Laravel back-end web framework for securely managing and accessing both user and Streetwave data, as well as the Vue front-end framework used to present data insights in a clear and meaningful manner.

When he's not building Streetwave's product, Nick loves to play sports and in 2019 completed the Thames Path 100km ultramarathon.
George Gibson - Streetwave Commercial Director

George Gibson

Operations Director
Earning a First-Class BSc in Management from Warwick Business School, George has built experience managing start-ups that reduced food waste and promoted shopping at independent stores. As the operational lead, George works collaboratively with councils to ensure that Streetwave can collect both accurate and useful mobile data that can used to drive digital improvements. 

Outside of work, George can be found wild swimming in freezing lakes and dominating the ping pong table.
George Gibson - Streetwave Product Director

Dylan Hampton

Product Director
Obtaining Distinction and First-Class Degrees in MSc Data Science/User Experience and BSc Computer Science, Dylan gained experience with Big Data, Visual Analytics, Machine Learning and Human Computer Interaction. This experience has helped him thrive as the Product Director where he utilises all of these skills to design and develop intuitive visual analytical platforms so customers can make accurate and reliable data driven decisions. 

When he isn’t hiding behind a computer screen, you’ll find Dylan performing in bands or kickboxing on the mats.
Streetwave Spectrum Mobile Coverage

Visualise and Understand Mobile Coverage

Analyse the performance of mobile networks through Streetwave’s data insights and coverage maps