c2c Maps Mobile Coverage Along the Essex Thameside Railway

Press Release: c2c Maps Mobile Coverage Along the Essex-Thameside Railway


  • c2c have collaborated with mobile analysts Streetwave to map mobile coverage experience across the Essex Thameside Railway
  • Coverage experience was mapped across the route during both Peak and Off-Peak travel times
  • All mobile networks provided a poorer experience during Peak Hours
  • EE had the highest levels of coverage along the line during both Peak and Off-Peak Hours


Newport, 19 March 2024: Streetwave have published the latest findings from a pioneering mobile coverage survey performed along the Essex Thameside railway line for c2c to analyse passenger experience of the mobile networks as part of plans to improve the Wi-Fi provision for customers.

Understanding mobile coverage is important for train companies as it allows them to identify which mobile networks can deliver the most dependable train Wi-Fi solutions.

Coverage experience was analysed for the four main mobile networks in the UK: EE, O2, Three and Vodafone.

3 surveys were carried out to compare a passenger’s experience of the mobile networks between Peak and Off-Peak times. The surveys took place between 30th January 2024 and the 2nd February 2024.

This was done to benchmark the extent to which mobile coverage experience worsened during commuting hours when larger passenger numbers increase mobile network congestion.



EE had the highest levels of Essential Coverage along the line during both Peak times and Off-Peak times (86% and 98% respectively).

Essential Coverage is defined as a location where an operator delivers a 1 Mbps download and 0.5 Mbps upload speed simultaneously.


Essential Coverage Results

Essential Coverage During Off-Peak Times (%)
Essential Coverage During Peak Times (%)
98 86
97 68
91 82
97 72


EE also had the highest average download speeds along the line during both Peak and Off-Peak times (12.4 and 22.6 Mbps respectively).


Download Speed Results

Average Download Speeds During Off-Peak Times (Mbps)
Average Download Speeds During Peak Times (Mbps)
22.6 12.4
12.4 3.6
13.5 11.3
15 4.1



Emma Callaghan, Head of Information Technology at c2c said:

“Dependable digital connectivity is vital for our passengers and our project with Streetwave has given us an in-depth understanding of mobile coverage experience along our routes. This data can now be used to ensure we work with the right partners to deliver more dependable train Wi-Fi solutions for our passengers.”



This report analyses the coverage experience of the UK’s four largest mobile network operators, EE, Vodafone, Three and O2. The data was collected between 30th January and 2nd February 2024. Measurements from all network generations (2G-5G) were recorded across the rail network of c2c.

c2c operates the Essex Thameside railway contract. This corridor is a key rail route into London on the north Thames estuary, serving key towns such as Southend-on-Sea, Basildon, Grays and Tilbury, as well as large catchments in East London in areas such as Barking and Dagenham.

Learn more about Streetwave’s methodology here.


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